Features Portfolio

Ocala Style Magazine, ocalastyle.com
Art Park Artisans 6.17
What to (Actually) Expect 5.16
People Behind The Plates 4.16
Investing in New Nurses 3.16
Passion For Poutine 2.16
Boots, Barns & Burlap: Southern Matrimony Done Right 9.15
Fantasy Fans Unite! 6.14
The Raddest Parks Around 3.14
And To All A Good Bite 12.13
A Walk Down The Aisle 9.13
Healthy Living Magazine
Surf’s Up 6.17
Word of the Day: Transition 12.16
Cause Of Death – Living 7.16
Taking Back The Gavel 3.16
Defeating The Distance 2.16
Perfect Party Treats 12.15
ORMC + ICU 11.15
Shaaaark! 7.15
In Case of Emergency 6.14
Ageless Wisdom 5.14
Healthy Beat Test Lab: Bacon Bowl 5.14
Two (Or Three) Of A Kind 4.14
Healthy Body Trends In Bloom 4.14
Clean Sweep For Spring 3.14
Healthy Beat Skating Into Sochi 2.14
Behind The Menu At MRMC 10.13
Healthy Beat Google Eyes 9.13
The Independent Florida Alligator, alligator.org

Dating? ‘Nah, man, we’re just talking’
When it comes to writing, SAT should cut the crap
‘Created Equal’ makes some women feel less than equal
Stop and smell the roses, busy Gators
Writers should be compensated for work
Parting thoughts: Here, try these on
VOID Magazine — Click here
The Financial Diet — Click here
Thought Catalog — Click here
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